Vallco Ice Center, Cupertino, CA
Vallco Ice Center
10123 Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA
Phone: 408-446-2906
Street Map to Vallco Ice Center, Cupertino, CA

Freeway Map to Vallco Ice Center, Cupertino, CA

1 ice surface, 175' x 80'

Driving Directions

Vallco is right on Hwy 280 near the Wolfe Road exit, on the south side of 280. After exiting the freeway, turn right into the driveway near the TGI Friday's restaurant. Follow the driveway around the restaurant, and turn right. Go back under Wolfe Road, and up to the parking lot. Turn right into the parking lot.

The ice rink is closest to the Benihana Restaurant, near the back entrance to J. C. Penney's. Go into the mall entrance between Penney's and Benihana, and down the stairs.

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